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Activate The Energy Of The Universe

by: Ineke Van Lint

Did you know that you can not create energy yourself?

You can just activate the universal energy, which exists always and will always exist.

This Energy gave you life. It’s always there, at every moment, for everyone.

There is no such thing like people with a lot of energy and other ones without energy.

The difference is that energetic people know how to activate this always available energy.

And the low energy people, they block this energy, which is although always available for them too!

Energy does not decide something like :”Hey I like this one so I will send her energy, and the other one over there I don’t like so he won’t get any of my energy”. This is nonsense!

The same counts for diseases. A disease does not “choose” a body to attack. How would it do it? Can you imagine a cancer saying : “I don’t like the way he cuts his hair, so I will attack his liver?” or “I can’t stand the way she talks so I will attack her breast?”

There is no such thing. It would be absurd. We have much more to say to our body and our life than we can understand for now or than we will want to admit for ourselves. Because to understand this is to take responsibility. Once we know that we “ask” for disease - by thinking of it all the time, by running from one doctor to another, by reading all articles about diseases in magazines, by telling our friends and family about all our pains and troubles - than we have to change our behavior and start to behave like a healthy person, who tries to understand why he got ill, and tries to see how he can change his way of thinking and handling to stay healthy.

It’s much the same for energy. Energy is always there. It never goes away, it never slows down, otherwise our whole galaxy would fall apart. The same energy which holds the stars at place in the sky, which makes grass grow and turn the earth on his own axis, is available for us. Can you imagine? It’s tremendous and there for us!

You can activate this energy for you by thinking the right thoughts, that is thoughts which stimulate you instead of turning you down, thoughts which bring you health instead of disease, thoughts which make you feel loved instead of fearing loneliness, thoughts which bring you wealth instead of poverty.

Is thinking about all this nice stuff enough to bring it into your life? No! Otherwise it would be so easy just to lean back and think about everything you want and floops….it’s there! We all would be fairies and make the world whatever we want without doing anything.

Luckily it doesn’t work like that! It would be dangerous! We need something else to make our thoughts create what we want : it is action. The combination of both will give us what we want : dreaming about what we want and putting ourselves into action, that is taking steps in the direction of our thoughts.

At each step we take, the universe also takes a step toward us. By our thoughts and our actions we activate this enormous universal energy to work for us. We make it move in the direction of realizing our dreams.

So the formula is pretty simple : first you dream, than you take action in the direction of your dream. This will generate energy to help you take the next step. The energy generated by this step will help you take the next step. And so on….

How do you know which action to take? Follow your guts, follow your intuition. It’s the best guide you can find!

Stop worrying. Instead dream, think of what you want and get yourself moving in the direction of your dream. That’s it. Watch what’s happening. Let the mystery unfold itself.

About The Author

Written by Ineke Van Lint, psychologist, mother of four children. I offer you two free e-courses to learn who you are, why you are here, how to create passion, freedom and abundance! Say yes! Reward: an everlasting enthusiasm! ineke@swing.be

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