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Improve Your Focus By Asking Why

A question, whether you are asking yourself or someone else is asking, causes you to direct your thoughts toward that subject. These directed thoughts are what is known as focus. Your focus directs your feelings and your feelings direct the actions that you take. Your actions will cause you to have certain results and your results ultimately direct your destiny. What this means is you can create your destiny by properly defining your questions. Let's look at some examples of this.

Many of us want to manifest wealth or at least large sums of money. Why does it seem to fall short for so many people? What questions do you suppose they are asking? I've studied the manifesting techniques but what am I doing wrong? When am I going to have more money? Why am I not more successful? What if it all comes down to the fact that we are asking the wrong questions? All these questions assume that something is wrong with us. Let's consider that nothing is wrong with us, that the universe loves us, and is willing to give us the object of our desires. Let's try to modify our question.

We desire a larger bank account. Why? What would it accomplish? It could give us an easier feeling when paying those bills. It could make that long awaited vacation an actual possibility. The kids could go to the college of their choice rather than the one you could afford. We could help our aging parents live more comfortably. We could support that charity we have always admired. We could quit our job and spend quality time with family and friends.

Did you notice how these questions directed your thoughts (focus) toward something positive? Remember the old formula? Thoughts=feelings=actions. With positive feelings we should be taking positive actions. Think about that dream vacation, go pick up brochures, talk to travel agents, read articles about the location. These actions don't cost a penny but they show the universe that you are taking steps toward your desired outcome. Just keep that good feeling going and know that the universe is doing its part as well. "Just let go and let God" as we have also heard.

What if your goal is to have a great loving relationship? Why do you want it? Be careful; remember thoughts become things. Do not state that it's because you're tired of being alone or of attracting the wrong kind of people into your life. Focus those thoughts on things like enjoying life with someone thoughtful and loving, sharing all of life's pleasures with that person. Now that we've created these thoughts and feelings, let's put some action into it so the universe knows we are serious. Become the kind of person you're looking to find whether it's adventurous, fun-loving, thoughtful, inspiring, etc. Get out and do new stuff so that your focus is now on enjoying life now instead of waiting to enjoy it later when that someone appears. The universe sees you becoming a new fun-loving person and law of attraction goes to work. Like attracts like.

So why ask why? Because it gives us more focus. Structure your questions to generate good feelings instead of negative, self defeating ones. Remember our feelings are the way the universe communicates with us. When we are feeling bad, the universe is letting us know whatever it is that we are doing or thinking, is not in our best interest. If we are feeling joy and peace with our thoughts or actions, the universe is agreeing with our choices. Since our emotions predict what we attract, let's resonate with our unlimited potential and attract life experiences of love, success, abundance, peace, and joy.

Karen Kelley
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