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Creative Visualization

Use this Visualization Technique to Consciously Create your Heart's desires. Manifest Your Dreams using Visualization!
How to Visualize?
Part I: Creative Visualization: How to Visualize
Part II: Creative Visualization: Empowering your vision and monitoring your attraction.
Part III: Practice detachment visualization. Reach for the ideal, optimal state that you desire while letting it all go at the same time.
Part IV: The secret of Creative Visualization - manifest at the speed of light with the Manifesting Mambo!

Part I: Creative Visualization: How to Visualize
To visualize start with the following questions to gain clarity: What do I really want?  In the example of attracting a mate, you'd continue by asking, "if I had my ideal mate what would she/he be like?  How would I describe him/her?  How would I describe his/her personality?  How would others describe our relationship?  How would they describe him/her?  What behavior would he/she display that illustrates these characteristics?  How would he/she communicate with me, with others, and with life?  How will I know I've obtained my desires?  How will I recognize him/her?"

This should assist you in creating a tangible list of what you want.  Now, ask the opposite question.  "What do I NOT want?  What are the qualities in a mate that I really do NOT want, and can't stand?"  Once you have this list and your pen is silent for a pregnant pause, ask the question, "If I don't want this characteristic, then what is the opposite of this that I DO want?" When you have the answer, add that to your first list of what you want. 

 In this example, your list would begin to look something like:

I want a mate that is:
  1. Kind
  2. Considerate
  3. Loving
  4. Confident
  5. Fun
  6. Attractive

 I don't want a mate that is:

  1. Rude
  2. Insecure
  3. Hurtful
  4. Unfaithful
  5. Jealous
  6. Greedy

 Opposite that I want:

  1. Not rude = kind, has finesse, grace, humility, is authentic but humble, understanding, accepting of others
  2. Not Insecure = secure with herself, secure with her status, her finances, her career, her ability to love, her ability to commit and to receive love, secure with her future, secure with our relationship, has faith in me, has faith in our ability to work through challenges
  3. Not hurtful = not defensive = confident with herself, doesn't take things personal = is so secure with her life, her choices, that she confidently goes with the flow, allows life to roll off her back, is flexible, strong, centered, balanced, kind to others, considerate, communicates her real feelings in a healthy way, works hard at being thoughtful of other's feelings while remaining true to herself, is tactful but authentic
  4. Not unfaithful = faithful, committed, believes in working out issues, believes in monogamy, marriage, and commitment
  5. Not Jealous = confident in our love, our relationship, and secure with allowing freedom to flow between us easily
  6. Not greedy = balanced in her desire to give and receive, she's not selfish therefore she is giving, thoughtful, generous, healthy in her ability to love and give freely

 The WANTS become your working list to use in visualizing.  This is really important - you must focus on what you WANT, not on what you DO NOT want in order to attract intentionally.  The only reason to clarify what we do NOT want is to uncover more of what we really DO want.  Therefore, keep your list of "don't wants" but stash it away, and only look at it when a "sign of land" (which we'll learn about later), comes along and you need to evaluate where your attention is or what needs to be added to this list.  Remember, any time you find yourself pushing against what you do not want, you are actually attracting that to you. 

 Now with your list in hand, start visualizing with the PIPP1 formula. 

  1. P = Pick a Scene
  2. I = Immerse your Senses
  3. PP = add Passion & Power
  4. 1 = in the 1st Person, present tense

 First, pick a scene.  Any scene will do as long as you can recall it, get into it, or confidently imagine it.  Then, immerse your senses by selecting strong sensory words that stir sensory memories, and spice your visualization experience.  These sensations should also add a level of natural comfort.  Next, add passion and power by getting emotional!  Describe your feelings with the words that actually invoke and rouse the real feelings in your heart.  Get passionate about your desire, and fuel it with powerful, confident, commanding emotions and statements.   Lastly, articulate your vision in the first person, present tense by using the two most powerful words in the human language: "I am."

 An example of this that you might use in visualizing a mate could be: "I am joyously walking hand in hand towards the new, Minute Maid sport's stadium.  I am with my love, and am so grateful that she loves sports, and the outdoors the way that I do.  Her delicate skin is soft, and lovely next to mine.  The sky is crystal blue, and the northern breeze keeps us cool, and comfortable.  The sweet, hickory smell is echoing from the outdoor grills of the tailgaters.  I hear the rumbling excitement as we walk past the fans, and they begin to scurry to the entrance as well.   Laughter and unintelligible chatter fills the air.  Everyone seems to be enthusiastic, and excited.  Our scrumptious lunch still lingers on my taste buds, and I tell her again how grateful I am that she went to such lengths to prepare such a fabulous meal.  She smiles sweetly, and says, "It was nothing.  I am grateful that you enjoy my cooking."  She then says, "and, if ever I can improve upon something, or do something better, I want you to tell me.  I'm always open to improvement and constructive feedback."  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  I think "wow, I love how well adjusted she is.  I am truly appreciative and admire her for having done her own personal growth work.  She is centered, confident, flexible, and flowing.  I am grateful to be so attracted to her, and she whispers fearlessly "You are so good-looking.  I just love being with you."  I feel comfortable with her confidence, and feel that she understands me like no one ever has.  I feel blessed and totally joyous that she makes a point to tell me that she accepts me exactly as I am.   I feel loved, and I love her joyously! I am so grateful.  I am so fabulously happy!"

 With enough practice, you'll get remarkably clever at imagining even the simplest scenes that can have grand power.  For example, in attracting a mate you want to be able to visualize simple situations such as talking and interacting, discussing finances, talking about commitment, spirituality, or planning for your future, children, retirement, living, facing challenges, etc.  It's important to really imagine the surrounding environment, and allow yourself to get carried away in the fantasy. 

 The Universe does not distinguish the difference between your reality and your imagination.  The more you can immerse yourself in the visualization the more powerful you will be in consciously creating the desire in your life.  Therefore, the more you imagine and feel the feeling of having already obtained your goal; being with your partner; getting that ideal job; traveling to your dream destination; or already acquiring prosperity and success, the closer you will be to actually manifesting it. 

Visualization's goal is to create a vibration internally that is a match (in harmony) with the vibration of your desire externally. 

Part II: Creative Visualization: Empowering your vision and monitoring your attraction

You'll notice from the example above, that I included ALL of the senses.  Ask yourself questions that involve the senses, such as "what do I see?" " What do I feel emotionally and what do I feel kinesthetically?"  "What do I smell, hear and taste?"  The intent of immersing your senses, and immersing your imagination in the image is to create a state of "dreaming" that is ideally euphoric in and of itself.  Ideally, you want to find fulfillment, satisfaction, and comfort in the your visualizations alone.   Immersing your senses should take you to a place where your fantasy is so rich with aliveness, so resplendent, and so vivaciously festive that you find yourself really enjoying the fantasy.  You want to find yourself so eager to continue the visualization that you daydream about it throughout the day and the vision actually adds a sense of attainment and joy to your existence.  This is how you obtain a vibrational harmony to your desire. 

 For some, visualizing means actually seeing images in their mind's eye, however that is not the only way to creatively visualize.  A better word might be sensationalize, as many people do not actually see images but instead sense the scene in a more visceral manner.  Do not judge the form that your visualization (sense-ization) takes, nor expect images and be disappointed if you don't see things.  You might be one who visualizes better by hearing the scene, or feeling the scene.   Whatever form your visualization takes is the right way for you.

 Now that you have a scene, and have immersed your senses, you want to add power to it by sensationalizing it with stalwart soul, and powerful emotions.  In Dr. David Hawkins book Power vs. Force, he has scientifically documented the power of our emotions, and proves through the use of applied kinesiology that different emotions have different vibrations or energy levels.  Through his research he has shown that the body actually weakens in emotional (vibrational) states less than the critical point of 200, which is courage, and strengthens in emotional (vibrational) states higher than 200 such as love, joy, and enlightenment. 

 Using this information, one can gain an awareness as to what they are attracting in any given moment because like energy attracts like energy.  Negative emotions will attract negative experiences and positive emotions are attractive to positive experiences.  Any emotion less than courage is NOT ever going to be attractive to what you really want, because what you want is always at a vibrational level that is higher than even courage.  Therefore, if you want to attract a mate in order to feel love, then you must feel positive, and ideally feel love in order to attract it. 

 In conscious creation it is essential that we offer a vibration that is in harmony with our desire.  We do this by reaching for, and choosing the thoughts that create a positive emotion.  The more positive the emotion, the more powerful your visualization will be, and the more quickly it can manifest.  By consistently monitoring our emotions, then making small adjustments in our thoughts, we can intentionally shift our vibration to a minimum benchmark of 200 or courage.

 This is especially helpful when you are feeling frustrated and asking out loud "do I just have bad karma?"   (Which by the way, blaming Karma is never fully accurate, nor does it help.) In these moments you must halt your negative thoughts, and intentionally point your thoughts towards being courageous instead.  This might look like visualizing yourself being courageously strong, courageously open to whatever opportunities are in front of you, being fearless in confronting your issues, being fearless in your willingness to risk failure, make mistakes, get it wrong, and be vulnerable.    For example, you might use in your visualization, "I am courageous!   I am courageous and am right now willing to do whatever is necessary to obtain my goals.  I am courageous as I speak my truth; risk falling in love; risk losing it all in order to be all that I can be.  I am courageous and know that I will survive no matter what!  I am courageous and bold and I seize the opportunities easily before me.  I have the courage to do what needs to be done, now."

Part III: Practice detachment visualization. Reach for the ideal, optimal state that you desire while letting it all go at the same time.

 Once you've created (or regained) a sense of positive self-esteem, move towards experiencing the feeling of joy and love.; I am joyous…" Then, be willing to never have it happen. 

 What???!!!! Yes, it's true, you have to be willing to never have it happen.  You have to be willing to trust in the Divine Order of life and let it all be okay, no matter what.  You have to practice detaching yourself from this vision, in order for the vision to have a chance to manifest. 

 "Want it, and allow it, and it is! - Abraham"

 One exercise (a detachment visualization) that I find particularly easy and effective is to visualize my goal.   Then when I feel a sense of joy that it is coming to me and I can confidently expect it, I surround the vision in a pink bubble and allow it to float away.  I imagine it floating loftily away in the wind, getting smaller and smaller, floating into the clouds and finally disappearing.  I wave lovingly (not longingly) to it, speaking confidently, "I surrender to this or something better coming into my life in perfect timing, and I let it go now.  I accept that all things are perfect, exactly as they are and I am at peace.  I am at peace with the Divine Order of life and I detach from this vision, knowing that what is meant to be, will be, now.  I am at peace, and I let it go."

Part IV: The secret of Creative Visualization - manifest at the speed of light with the Manifesting Mambo

Now, I'm going to share with you the secret to manifesting with the speed of light.   This is the secret that all successful conscious creators use to manifest anything they desire quickly, and effortlessly.  I call it the manifesting mambo!  You have to get down with your vision.  You have to get into it!  Get into your desire by shouting, dancing or sprinting around your house if necessary.   Don't just sit there like a yit, reciting your ideal scene, actually stand up, jump up and down, or punch the air if needed in order to get it on with your dream.  Your physiology needs to be a vibrational match to that emotional state you are trying to create.  You want to FEEL the emotion of love, not just say it.  So dance around, hop on one foot, flap your arms, jump around, or whatever it takes to get yourself excited and feeling powerfully passionate about your vision.  Fake the feeling, until the feeling becomes real to you. 

One client of mine danced her way to the altar -- the manifesting mambo has the power to create with the speed of light, all of your dreams. 

 So let me outline how to visualize successfully:

  1.        Clarify what you want
  2.        Use the PIPP1 formula
  3.        Monitor your emotions, and adjust your thoughts 
  4.        Detach from your desire
  5.        Do the manifesting mambo

 If you are not willing to do what I've outlined here, then you need to know that somewhere down inside you don't really want what you say you do.  There must be some pay-off to not having your desire.  You'll want to identify, surrender to and shift your priorities or prepare yourself for more of the same.  It's your choice.   You are a Divine Creator and your possibilities are unlimited. 

For more Creative Visualization or Manifesting assistance see The Audiotapes: 17 Seconds to a Celebrated Life or The Secrets to Manifesting Your Dreams.

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