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Enriched Learning:
Unleasing Your Brilliance

"Recently I stumbled across a very incredible FREE video called Enriched Learning: Unleashing Your Brilliance by Brian Walsh. This video was taped while Brian was speaking to an audience. He gives many examples of how to increase our learning potential, learning styles, and involves the audience with specific exercises as he progresses with his talk. These exercises prepare your brain for increased learning potential.

Brian explains how learning occurs. When we learn new information, did you know that the subconscious stores the information first and then filters that data for the conscious mind?

Another fascinating item I learned from this video is that if we are just 5% dehydrated it will affect our cognitive ability by 30%. Dr. Walsh also explains why those children that start walking and never crawl often develop learning disabilities.

Dr. Walsh is a corporate trainer and author. After spending 30 years in human resources and training, Brian took an early retirement and studied NLP and hypnotherapy. Within 4 years he had his PhD.

If you'd like to review it, just go to http://video.unleashing.info You will need to give you first name and email address to get access to the video. This will put you on Brian's email list and you will get his newsletter monthly. You can unsubscribe to the newsletter anytime. It's very worthwhile.

Dr. Walsh has an excellent book that goes along with these videos (sorry the book is not free) that you can check out. Click on the picture below.

Enriched Learning

In addition to his book, Brian has created several hypnosis CDs on vibrant health, eliminating stress or tension, and restful sleep. After watching the FREE videos, you'll realize the quality of Brian's materials.



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