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Five Ways To Create On Purpose
By Living in the Moment

What can I do to really immerse myself into living more consciously every day? "We look backward too much and we look forward too much; thus we miss the only eternity of which we can be absolutely sure - the eternal present, for it is always now." - William Phelps

1 -NOW is the only moment that matters. Remember that the only creative moment is this moment, right now. What we receive NOW is 100% of the time a vibrational match to us right NOW.

When we are unaware, what we radiate will be the vibrational equivalent of our past observations, judgements, beliefs and decisions. If we don't like what we have - all we have to do is create a new vibration in this moment.

2 - Honor the Divine Perfection of life. When faced with challenges do your best to immediately repeat Buddha's quote: "How wonderful! How wonderful! All things are perfect exactly as they are!" Repeating this until it sinks in will (for most daily challenges) support you in maintaining your tone. I suggest repeating it at least 10 times and I usually count down on my fingers to get me through.

3 - Really live in the moment! When Ashlyn was four-months-old, and felt pain, she screamed and when the pain went away, she stopped. When Parker was four, I noticed that when he would get hurt, he'd cry but even after the pain is actually gone he would continue to mourn the pain for a short period until something else catches his attention. After observing this, I stumped my toe - hard on the door jam. I hopped around and wailed and then suddenly I realized that it really wasn't still hurting but that I was still acting as if it was. Now, I'm learning to ask myself, "How do I feel now? How do I feel in this moment? Does it still hurt or not? What do I want to feel now instead?"

4 - You are unlimited and every moment is filled with possibility! By re-focusing in the moment on the fact that you are an unlimited child of God, you are aligning your energy with the power to manifest whatever your heart desires without even having to identify what that might be. "We are, in our essential state, pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality; it is the field of all possibilities and infinite creativity.

Pure consciousness is our spiritual essence." - Deepak Chopra

Affirm: "I am unlimited! There is nothing I cannot have and nothing I can not do! I accept my unlimited potential right now! I am a Divine Child of God and it is my birthright to have all that I desire."

5 - Fantasize in Fragments. By focusing on what you want in segments, you allow yourself to be more fully open to the now. Abraham (www.abraham-hicks.com) calls this "segment intending." This would look like…(before getting out of bed) I intend to have a fabulous day filled with joyous, connected and aware experiences. I am grateful for a great day! (before brushing teeth) I intend to have healthy gums and teeth and I am grateful for a mouthful of beautiful chops for the rest of my life! (before dressing for the day) I am healthy, fit, attractive and beautiful/handsome. I am grateful for being appreciated and valued by everyone I meet today. (before that board meeting) I intend to experience a positive, enlightening, efficient meeting. I intend to communicate clearly and effectively and to be well received and respected by all meeting attendees. I am grateful for this now.

Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven

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