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Getting Fit with Law of Attraction

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Successful Goal Setting:
Using Goals and Visions to
Leverage the Law of Attraction

The following taken from "Ask Anisa"-------- It is said that "one must have as many goals as possible. One ideally must fill their life with 5000 goals, to be very wealthy, even small things must be included". But there are many authors who say that one must have around 2-3 main goals and having too many of them would dissipate our energy. Which is actually true as these two seem to be going counter to each other? - Jai

What do the most successful and wealthiest people in the world have in common? They have written goals, they are willing to pay the price for achieving them and they put for the sustained effort to achieve them.

Did you know that 97% of the world's population will never realize their full potential? Perhaps you've read "100 college student" study? The students that were the most successful (the top 3%) did only one thing different than those who were less successful: they wrote down their goals. Did you also know that writing your goals down increases your odds of achieving them by 80%?

We set goals for clarity, purpose, fulfillment and intentionality. We use our goals as a means of clarifying what we want to achieve, as a compass for focused purposeful living and fulfillment and to simply utilize the powerful law of attraction. Goal setting is a trait of a successful achiever. The simple act of committing to paper what you want to do, be and have serves as an effortless beacon, an attraction magnet to invite great things into your life. Some experts say, "Always have a date attached to your goal" while others say, 'no deadline, as a date only causes attachment and doubt'. Some will say, 'focus on 3-6 goals at a time and forget all others', while others say, 'have as many goals as you possibly can.'

Guess what?!?! You get to explore and decide what works for you! Play with goals and creative manifesting routines until you figure out what method or madness inspires you to your greatest success, while simultaneously recognizing that there are proven pathways of success and you don't have to re-invent the wheel. My suggestion is to set small, daily, achievable goals, interim milestone goals and your B-HAGs (Big, Harry, Audacious, Goals). Use the tried-and-true SMART goal-setting method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) combined with my Living Vision in Divine Order process (give thanks and accept Divine Timing simultaneously.) When you write your goals down, you are automatically applying the law of attraction. The Universe will begin to put circumstances and opportunities before you that will support you on your path towards success.

Here's what I do… Daily:

My Primary Focus Goals

Choose 2 to 3 goals (maximum) and put forth your full attention upon these objectives until they are fulfilled. I write these goals down daily. Taking daily, inspired action towards these primary focus goals on a consistent, daily basis will propel you to success. These goals get full living visions each and every day.

My ToDo list and God's ToDo list

This is an Abraham exercise that is simply indispensable. This list includes any item that you have on your plate right now; from returning calls and emails, to praying for a friend, to writing thank you notes, to picking up the dry-cleaning to manifesting a million dollars for your new business venture. You have two columns on your ToDo list, your side (left) and God's side (right). Anything that you can't get done today or that you know you will not be doing today becomes God's ToDo. Simply draw a line from your side to God's and hand it over to Him/Her!

Top 6 Goals for Life

You can identify these goals by answering the question, "When I'm on my death bed (at 132) and I'm looking back on my life, if I have accomplished these top 6 goals then I will have lived a meaningful life that made a difference." These top 6 goals are actually the materialization of your values.

I write these goals down every day because nothing that I do matters if it's not in alignment with these top 6 goals. Immersing myself in the full intentionality and awareness that these guiding goals are the foundation upon which all of my activities must be based supports me in continually assessing my path in order to adjust accordingly.

My Victory Log and My Gratitude List

Nightly, I review my day for what I'm grateful for and any and all victories.


Top 10 Goals for Right Now

These goals allow me to focus on the project milestones and action items in a more detailed manner. By writing these down on Sunday and putting them at my desk or in my calendar as a reminder, I have my 'bigger things first' list right in front of me. I check them off one by one and review these goals several times a day to make sure I'm focused, productive, and on target.


My Project Breakdown

All elephants must be reduced to bite-sized morsels! This is my ongoing list of project goals, milestones, action items, and questions. I take time to reverse engineer every goal and every project that is worthy of my attention. (I qualify this because not every goal gets my attention and reversed engineered right now. Some goals are there for the Universe to work on without me!) This monthly activity breaks my big dreams down into achievable and believable steps while simultaneously instills a dialog between me and the Universal Intelligence. It's not necessary to know 'how' I'm manifesting every big goal, but if it's a project that I can breakdown into mini-accomplishments (the "what(s)" of the project) then the big U will support the manifestation of the resources, action steps, and methods (the "how(s)" of the project.) One very important aspect of this exercise is the identification of what I don't know; the questions that I will eventually need to have answered. I find that whenever I am procrastinating on a goal, 90% of the time it's because I don't know what to do next, I'm unclear or I'm afraid of making a mistake. By identifying the questions to be answered; the 'what do I need to know to accomplish this goal' questions, I inspire the Universe to give me answers to not only these questions but to questions that I didn't even know I would need answered.

The 100 Things I want to be/do/have before I die

I review, add-to, envision, create treasure maps of and/or take inspired action upon anything on this list that calls me in the moment.

For example, this is simply my list numbered from 1-100 of:

Things I want to do:
1 - learn the guitar
2 - find a great customer service assistant
3 - take a cruise to the Mediterranean

Things I want to be:
4 - be more patient and loving with my children
5 - be more persistent with my EFT
6 - be more organized

Things I want to have:
7 - new curtains and fabulously stylish window dressings
8 - a dentist that understands holistic medicine and law of attraction
9 - a fun and enlightened social circle of friends that inspire, entertain, and uplift me.

My list is not broken down into categories as the example above, but I simply have an ongoing list of my 100 things! I have had many of these lists through out the years and I like to keep it all on one page so that I can know exactly what I want to visualize during my next creative manifesting appointment (with God and I).

Yearly and/or Quarterly:

My Treasure Map:

I create treasure maps of specific goals that I'm focusing upon. I cut out pictures and words that give met the emotional essence of what I will feel when I have this 'goal' and paste together a collage that I enjoy fantasizing and visualizing with regularly.

My Values for Life and Comprehensive Goals:

This is my list of the goals I have for the 13 different compartments of my life. Every goal will fall under one of the following headings: Self-Growth (Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Emotional, Personality), Relationships (Family, Mate, Friends/Community), and Worldly (Financial, Career/Life Purpose/Path, Material, Activism, Adventure). I choose to break my goals down once a year just to stay on top of life and make sure I'm being intentional.

It's been said that we cannot hit a target that we cannot see. Setting goals is simply a conscious creator's way of clearly 'seeing' the target(s).

The above system is what I do that works for me. Your method does NOT have to be anything like this in order to be successful. If the above feels overwhelming (and if you've never been a goal-setter before, it just might) then start with the most important goals (My Top 6 Goals for Life) and that's it!

I find that if I try to focus every day on all my goals, then I dissipate my energy and experience greater setbacks and frustration. Therefore, funneling my goals down with a system such as the above, allows me the best of both worlds - greater vision and singular focus.

Start where you are and proceed in the direction of your dreams. Be consistent, persistent, and resilient; never let setbacks, perceived failures, or obstacles defeat you. Fearlessness is a choice and once you begin to choose it, you'll be amazed at how sweet and easy your life can unfold.

Copyright, 2006: Anisa Aven and CreataVision Enterprises.

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