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Can the Universe Manifest that Relationship for You?

Recently I was reading an article in my email that I was constantly saying, “Boy, she’s got that one right.” “This lady really understands.” “Oh, that’s why I was able to manifest such and such.” The article was about manifesting and it was discussing the process of using lists. If you’re an analytical person like me, you love lists. I create lists to do things like: running errands (I joke about being blond but I do get distracted easily), sending birthday cards sent out, grocery lists, birthday and holiday gift ideas (so that when I am shopping these things are there in the back of my mind when an item appears on a display).

Let’s say you want to create a relationship that really works for a change. I pick this subject because it is one that I hear so very often from friends, on TV, radio, and internet blogs, and it worked for me. I guess this is because we all have that need to feel loved and appreciated. In the email article, they were saying to create a list of the things in the current situation you do not like. Okay, if you are into manifesting at all, you are saying, “That’s off base because you should not focus on what you do not want.” Stay with me for a minute here. We just made a list of what we don’t want, now let’s draw a line straight down the page and on the other column we are now going to look at the opposite of what we wrote in the first column. What you place in the second column are all the things you DO want. Here’s an example. Column1: He is insensitive. Column2: He makes me feel cared for and my needs are important to him. Got the idea? I used this process quite by chance in the recent past. I was in a relationship that had just ended and I was more than devastated. I was hurt and unsure of how to deal with it. I started a list of what I did not like about this person. The list grew and grew. Then I listed the things I did like. When I was done, I looked at the list and wondered why I had ever been in the relationship to begin with. That helped a lot. I’m not sure where it came from but I then started a list that I titled “My perfectMan. I basically took all the qualities I did not like about the previous relationship and turned them around to what I thought was more suitable for me. When I was done with my list making, I put them away (I certainly did not want anyone to read them for fear that they would realize just how messed up I was over the situation. Image was important to me.) I went on my merry way (hardly considering I was devastated) and started to get back into life. I took classes, dated a few men, went to shows and trips with girlfriends, parties, etc. I was having the time of my when the most unusual man appeared. We were an instant hit together! It was not until perhaps 3 months later when we were having a conversation and I mentioned the list I wrote. I got the list out and to my surprise, he was EVERYTHING I had listed that I was looking for (with the exception that he still smoked cigarettes). I was floored!

So let’s look at how the Universe got involved here. I made a list of what I wanted and I put it away. I only put it away because I was afraid someone else would see it; but “out of sight, out of mind.” From the perspective of the Universe, I put the request out there of what I wanted and I let go of it and got back into life. Remember the saying, “Let go and let God.”

This is exactly what you are doing. You put the request out there and let go of it. Caution: If we stay attached to a situation (still unhappy about this, or that, or him or her, etc.), we just attract more of that situation into our lives. I became focused on enjoying life again whether I had a relationship or not. The keyword here is detachment (I can’t say it enough….Let go and let God). That is probably the toughest thing in the world -- to try to be detached from something that is causing you discomfort. This is where the list is critical and make sure you put more concentration into the positive side of what you want. Give the Universe an opportunity to assist in creating the relationship others only dream of.

Let’s create lives abundant with love and happiness.


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