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Rain Dancing ­ The Law of Attraction: How to Make it Work for You!

Why have millions of rain dances been performed across all continents and all cultures? Because they work! Rain dance to make the Law of Attraction work for you!

Wikipedia's definition of a Rain Dance: “A rain dance is a ceremonial dance that is performed in order to invoke rain and to ensure the protection of the harvest. Rain dances can be found in many cultures, from Ancient Egypt to certain Native American tribes. They could still be found in the 20th century Balkans , in a ritual known as Paparuda (Romanian) or Perperuna (Slavic). The traditional Native American Cherokee tribe performed rain dances to both induce precipitation from clouds as well as cleanse evil spirits [1] . Cherokee legend says that the summoned rain contains the spirits of dead Chiefs who upon awakening from the clouds battle evil spirits in the transitional plane between our reality and the spirit world [2] . It was also believed that particularly elaborate and ornamental rain dances could inspire the participants as well as audience to partake in unusual acts of spiritual worship [3] .” - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rain_dance

Our definition: The Conscious Creation Rain Dance: In a ceremonial rain dance, the dancers do not pray for rain; they don't beg, plead, or hope that rain will arrive soon. These acts (praying, begging, pleading, and hoping) although more positive than the acknowledgement of ‘the lack of rain' and therefore helpful, do not have the vibrational power or the magnetic pull the participants are intending to harness.

The power of the rain dance lies in the intensity and the passion with which the dancers throw their entire being into the party. In addition to preparing their face and body with the proper ‘rain dance' makeup and costume, they hop, jump, skip, bounce, dance, juggle snakes, chant, scream, shout, yell and immerse their entire beings into playing in the rain. This is why I say, “They are not praying for rain, they are already playing in the rain!” The rain dance invokes rain because it invokes the power of the Law of Attraction vibrantly, powerfully, passionately, vigorously, fervently, and with conviction.

What would happen to your conscious creation aptitude, if you were to do your own version of a rain dance for the ‘things' you want to manifest in your life? I have discovered that most of us (myself included) are lazy and non-committal when it comes to really ‘playing in the rain' in order to manifest. We say our affirmations, do our 17 seconds to one minutes worth of visualization, maybe even 3 minutes a day on EFT and then we go about our ‘business' hoping that the prosperity we really want will arrive. Indeed, it will. Even the above exercises are enough to invoke the law of attraction and create what we want.

However, most of us, at one point or another want more and want it faster! This is where your rain dance comes in! The rain dance pulls forth the power of conviction and certainty. Every conscious creator that wants to manifest something quickly must embrace a solid sense of certainty if they are to achieve rapid manifestation. It's the power of absolute certainty and conviction that creates rapid manifestations.

Another example of how the power of conviction, passion, and the physical invocation of certainty creates a miraculous experience is known by firewalkers. If you are a fellow firewalker, then you already know how to do your rain dance. Simply, use the same passion raising dancing, clapping, and celebrating that you would use to walk that fire! If you are not a firewalker (yet), then let me explain. One of my teachers, Dorothea Cangelosi, is a well-respected healer, intuitive, and spiritual icon in the Houston and greater spiritual community. What I love most about her is that she's real, approachable, accessible and still congruent. She inspires me to reach beyond because of her heightened spiritual awareness and powers and yet she can still throw back a margarita, tell a dirty joke or curse a ‘jerk' when she feels so inspired. Then, she can turn right around and perform a spirit-invoking crystal bowl meditation that transports her followers to new realms of spiritual evolution and even out of body experiences!

A couple of years ago, I went to a New Year's Eve fire-walk that Dorothea was leading. We gathered the wood and lit the fire and enjoyed meaningful but ordinary conversations as the ceremony began. The coals from the fire burned red as we began to dance, chant, and summon the courage and conviction to walk the fire. The few reluctant guests that had no intention of walking the fire, watched with incredulous smirks on their brow as the rest of us began our passionate dancing. Dorothea was as calm and blasé about the entire fire as she would be if she were making scrambled eggs. To watch her, one would be convinced that the fire was bogus; it's some type of optical illusion! There must be some type of special wood embers that although glowing red and smoking profusely, didn't take on the heat from the flame.
Dorothea clapped and made the ‘fire fairies' dance and walked the fire like a little girl jumping in a new pool. Dorothea embodied the conviction and therefore, didn't require the same level of belief acceleration that was essential for the rest of us. For the non-Dorothea's in the group, we had to create the courage and belief before walking barefoot across those coals. I danced and worked myself up into a state of passionate conviction that the fire was cold! Then, I ran across the fire, at first very, very fast because there was still a part of me that was fearful. Then, as I continued to perform my trance-like dance I increased my belief that the fire was cold and I began to walk and even bounce and stroll across the coals because I knew that the fire was cold. I knew that my body was divinely protected, and that the entire experience was safe and ultimately empowering.

It was a cold fire because I invoked a passionate belief that it was so!

You too can invoke the power of conviction and certainty in order to manifest with warp speed.

You can do a rain dance for anything you want to create. If you want to attract your ideal mate, then Rain Dance it! If you want to create prosperity, Rain Dance it! If you want to create your life purpose, Rain Dance it! If you want health and wholeness, Rain Dance it!

You know what this looks and feels like already. Trust yourself, be brave, stand-up and clap, dance, celebrate, sing, and throw a personal creation party by playing in the rain (your dreams) now! If you feel silly, then you're on the right track. You can throw your creation rain dance party by yourself or with a few brave friends. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that you are sending out a very loud, clear, vibrant, convincing signal to the Universe that you already HAVE all that you desire now and you are gratefully celebrating that Truth!

To Fire-Walk in Texas and more, please visit Dorothea Cangelosi's site at The Land of OZ: http://www.ozybr.com

Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven
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