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Activate the Law of Ten-Fold Return

(From Anisa's newsletter) Q: Is there such a thing as over-giving or misguided giving? The reason I ask is because throughout of my life, all I remembered of my mother was that she gave to everyone, and she was grossly taken advantage of. My mother was a wonderful woman who did not know how to say no to individuals who took gross advantage of her kindness. I had to do a lot of forgiveness work during the last few years of my mother's life, when it became so clear how much everyone took from her and no one was really there to care for her but me. Truly, it has been a challenge for me being on the spiritual path and doing the best I can to continue to love, give, serve and forgive and witness individuals coming to me like perpetual charity cases. What are your thoughts on this? I am ready to transform this and transcend it permanently! - Love, Sandra

A: When our giving is out of balance, we can be stripped of a healthy sense of reciprocity and honoring boundaries. If you are giving too much then it can absolutely create a negative attractor pattern. When our giving leaves us feeling used, taken advantage of, and even abused, we must take a step back to re-assess our 'giving intentions.' If our giving is coming from a place of healthy generosity with no strings attached, then we are in alignment with healthy tithing. However, if our giving intention is from a place of obligation, guilt, shame, a need to control, a need to make restitution for a wrong-doing, or a need to feel or be acknowledged as a certain 'type' of person; a need to be thought of as generous, powerful, or successful, for example, then this intention is out-of-balance and therefore our giving is out of balance. Over-giving comes from a co-dependent need to be validated and cherished, which is always inspired by a lack of self-confidence and an inability to be our own source of happiness. When we give to make up for our 'inadequacy', we will never be able to give enough to fill the void we feel inside. The solution is the same as it is for any other ill-belief - to work towards pure self-confidence; to work towards fully embracing an absolute certainty of your unlimitedness; a belief and firm knowingness that you are indeed a Divine Child of God, worthy of all that you desire. From this place, you'll be inspired to give according to the higher order of life and not from a place of limitation.

Q: I enjoyed your article on tithing. I have no problem giving; my question would be about who/what to tithe to. I have several organizations that do work that I want to support. For example Project Open Hand is one, they deliver food to people with aids and other life threatening illnesses. I also like the work that MoveOn does, getting ordinary people involved in the political process. Would my gifts to both of these groups qualify as tithing? Thank You, Anita

A: There's a difference between a donation and a tithe. The two have different intentions and therefore different attractor patterns. When we donate to a cause, we are attached to the outcome. We are saying, "I believe in how this money will be spent and therefore I will give to you." This attachment diminishes the vibration and therefore isn't giving in the pure sense of the intention: to acknowledge God, the big-U (Universe), as the source and supply of all our good. When we tithe to some source where we feel spiritually nourished, we are not giving in order to receive something in return. We are giving in acknowledgement only of a sense of spiritual fulfillment and a desire to simply honor God (the-All-that-is). We give with the pure intent of not being attached to how the money is used but we give in order to share, to spread the wealth, and to acknowledge the abundant, opulent, all-providing promise of our Divine Inheritance.

Both a donation and a tithe are positive and fabulous ways to share your wealth and increase your prosperity consciousness. However, anytime there is attachment, there are diminished positive returns. Detached tithing alone (from your first fruits) with the only intent being to show God you believe in abundance; to show God you know that the Divine within is your only source and supply is the only giving/tithing/spiritual act that initiates the Law of Ten-Fold Return. My suggestion is to keep giving as you feel comfortable, for right now. Then, work towards tithing 10% without attachment to how the money will be used to some source where you feel spiritually fed while continuing to support causes that you believe in with additional funds. Can't find a place where you feel spiritually fed? Look harder, it may be the little old lady on the corner that smiles everyday when you pass, it may be the author of that 200 word article that changed how you parent your children, or it may be the workshop assistant leader that shared her experience so boldly, or it may be your spiritual center, and it may even be a charitable organization (provided you make a distinction between where I'm spiritually fed and when I want this money to do a certain thing.) Choose to give anonymously if necessary, in order to give freely without any attachment to the outcome. God will always return what you give and then some. Think about it - Who can out-give God?

Q: If what I've given does not add up to 10%, does that mean I haven't given/tithe enough? I'm not presently working and am living modestly off my savings but I donate some money to my chosen charities twice a year and I give via helping out as a volunteer, etc. Isn't it really about giving/sharing whatever with good intentions rather than it being about a fixed percentage? - Vivian

A: Yes, it is about giving and sharing from a positive intention place. However, there is a law that has been set in motion for thousands of years now. The Law of Ten-Fold Return works whether we realize it or not on the 10% of our first fruits equation. The Universe will return to us in the same manner and perspective that we give from. There's no need to judge anything that you've done up until now as not good enough. However, you may want to look at the fear around giving 10%. If you fear that you won't have enough, then you are keeping yourself in poverty consciousness. Deal with the fear by expanding your willingness to trust in the Divine; by acknowledging your only source and supply is the big-U, God, the omnipotent Presence that is the sole provider of all things in your life. Meditate and pray on expanding your ability to accept your inheritance and ask for guidance on how to 'throw open the windows of heaven' by tithing the full 10%. For anyone who is feeling reticent about tithing 10%, try starting where you are and proceed from there.

When I was a starving actress in college and full of poverty consciousness, I didn't feel like I had any extra money to give. However, I also knew that it felt really bad not to help the people who were worse off than me. I used to keep apples in my purse to give away. This was my way, at the time, of increasing my giving consciousness. As I look back, I see that I went from apples, to coupons and other food items, to quarters, to dollars, to self-help tapes and books, to giving 10% of my unexpected income, to tithing after my bills were paid, to now tithing from my first fruits, 10% of my net income (which is the optimal goal). (If you are a solo-entrepreneur, it's 10% of your gross income before your personal expenses but after realistic, required business expenses.) If you can make the jump to tithe 10% of your unexpected income, this will be a great eye-opener about the rewards of tithing. Set yourself a goal to give 10% of any monies that you receive from unexpected sources including any unexpected savings that you receive. Keep a log and give 10% of that amount weekly. Record your thoughts, feelings and observations and try to give more each month until you are truly acknowledging your abundance by giving 10% of your first fruits every month.

Prosperity is your birthright. Accept it and claim it. Take this for the essence of what it means: "Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house, and prove me now by it, says the Lord of hosts, if I will not open the windows of Heaven for you and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." - Malachi 3:10 Re: Planning to Tithe and the Church Negative Feeling Reminder.

Q: Thanks for the reminder about tithing - very useful indeed! Just yesterday I thought about this subject....as I "frequently" hand an envelope with $5.00 to some poor soul on the side of an intersection when I'm stopped at a red light....Yes....regular tithing...a subject I'm not so good at, must be that tithing reminds me too much about "church" which I find utterly NAUSEATING !!!!! Thanks again for the reminder. - Lance, Bellingham, WA.

A: You're not the only one that associates \'tithing\' with \'church\' resulting in that nauseous sense of obligation and guilt.
If you are an EFT'er: It may help to clear that negative association by doing some EFT (emotional freedom technique) with phrases such as: - Even though I feel nauseous when I think about the church taking our money, - Even though I despise tithing because of the hypocritical association it brings up between the church and my childhood, - Even though I associate giving and tithing with church and that makes me feel mistreated and disempowered, Then try positive implanting statements such as: - Never the less, I choose to release any limiting thoughts about giving now. - Never the less, I choose to give freely from the heart. - Never the less, I choose to honor my Divine Inheritance and fully acknowledge God as my only source and supply through giving and tithing freely. - Never the less, I choose to be joy-filled and empowered by tithing 10% of my first fruits freely to wherever I am spiritual fed. You bring up a great point about planning how you are going to give. By preparing and planning what we are going to give and when, like any goal, we will be more likely to do so willingly, joyfully, persistently and successfully. I love your 'poor soul at the intersection' method. I\'m going to initiate your idea into my own life and start keeping sealed envelopes of varying sums of money in my car, just for the sake of sharing when I feel inspired. How fun!!!! Planning to give will increase your experience of the joy that comes from regular tithing. Additionally, any time you increase your joy, you increase your vibrational frequency which in turn adds positive attraction and magnetism to all of your other goals as well.

Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven
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