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"What If" Your Way to Personal Growth

What is the principal barrier to our personal growth and development? The principal barrier to our personal growth and development is lack of imagination. At some point between childhood and becoming realistic, responsible, mature adults we forgot how to use the most powerful, fun, exciting, and useful part of our brains - our imagination.

"Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless." Jamie Paolinetti, American Pro Cyclist

 What if I could share with you two magic words that could catapult you into constantly using your imagination? What if those same two magic words could support you in manifesting all the love, joy, money, romance, fun, adventure, and material things you could ever desire? What if you were already prosperous? What if you were fabulously fit and your optimal health and weight? What if you were already living in your dream home with your ideal life partner?

 Can you find the magic words in the questions above? The two magic words have been repeated over and over again above and every time you slowed down long enough to actually answer the question, your imagination went to work imagining the answer and literally creating the materialization of the experience. What are the two magic words? WHAT IF?

The words, "What if" never fail to activate our imagination.

The question I am asked most often is "How do I manifest .."? How do I manifest a new car? How do I manifest my ideal mate? How do I manifest my home selling? How do I manifest the money to .? How do I manifest prosperity? How do I manifest a better job? How do I manifest the life I really want? How do I manifest more success? How do I manifest a publisher? How do I manifest weight loss? How do I manifest more self esteem? How do I manifest more friends and more fun? How do I manifest a better life (a better attitude, more happiness, more joy, more security, more peace of mind, more, more, more?)

We manifest by thinking and feeling. Since we are almost always 'thinking and feeling' we are almost always manifesting. Our consistent thoughts produce our consistent experience. What we really want to know is how do I manifest intentionally what I want? And the answer is simply by thinking more consistently upon what you want than what you don't want.

Taking the list from above, here's the short answer broken down for the first three: How do I manifest.....

How do I manifest a new car? By thinking upon your new car; by thinking and imagining yourself driving your new car; By seeing yourself in the car; by feeling the emotions that you would feel if you already owned that new car; by giving thanks for already owning your new car; by believing and putting your faith and trust in the experience of your new car now.

Now, let's make this easy - "What if you already owned your new car?" "Ohhhh, I'd be living in the lap of luxury! I'd be driving my new car, singing to the songs on the radio, fidgeting with all my new gadgets, and smiling brightly!"

How do I manifest my ideal mate? By thinking upon your ideal mate as if you were already in the relationship with them now; by believing in the possibility of your ideal mate; by imagining being in your ideal relationship at night and first thing in the morning; by feeling the emotions that you would feel if you were already madly in love with your ideal mate now; by imagining and thinking upon the conversations that you will be having with your ideal mate, now.

What if you already had your ideal mate? "I'd be so happy! I can imagine that tonight, we would be going to the theatre with some friends. We're going to enjoy a nice wine bar before show time and then afterwards we have special romantic thoughts for our evening. We do so very much enjoy our time together."

How do I manifest my home selling? By thinking upon handing the house keys and any special instructions to the new home owner at the closing table; by imagining yourself holding the pen and signing that stack of papers that releases your rights to the home and turns the ownership over to the new homeowners; by being so certain that your home is already sold that you begin to make all the necessary preparations to move; by imagining yourself completely boxed and loaded into the moving van and happy about the perfect closing and move.

What if your home could sell quickly? "I would feel such relief and joy. I would start packing immediately and begin the process of turning off all the utilities in my name. I would be so excited about my new adventure and so relieved about releasing my home so easily."

Can you see and feel the difference in our energy when we ask ourselves, "What if"?

In my experience, the things I don't manifest quickly are the things that I haven't spent enough time thinking, feeling, and believing about. One of the simplest exercises that I've implemented into my life that has helped both myself and my clients in expanding our 'intentional manifesting' thinking time is to remember to ask myself these two, magical words: "What if." When you want to manifest money, use "What if". What if I were to manifest the money? What if I could go on 8 vacations a year? What if I already had all the prosperity I desired? What if I already had financial freedom? You'll find that every single time you answer the What IF question, your imagination wants to roll with the answer and if you will get out of your own way, you will be inspired to imagine all sorts of endless possibilities.

"What If?" helps you to be CLEAR about what you want.

One more example, let's answer the question, "What if I already had financial freedom?" "Well, if I already had financial freedom, I would feel at peace. I would be calm and secure and know that all my needs were taken care of. I would give tons of money to charity and support the causes that I believe in. I would spend more time studying my 'art' and less time worrying about when I'd have the time or money to live my life fully. I'd take that cruise with my entire family and we'd have an awesome time playing in the surf. I'd buy my parents a new home and pay for my grandmother to have an unlimited flower and nursery account at home depot."

Now that you're clear, take it to the next level. From this imaginary place discovered by 'what if', we can take it to the next level of conscious creation by accepting and allowing those answers to be real in our lives. Take your answers and apply gratitude to each one, assuming their complete fulfillment in your life right now, even if it's not the current reality. Use your imagination to follow the thought of 'what if it was my current reality?" For example, using the answers to the question, "What if I had financial freedom?" "I would feel peace" becomes I am grateful to have peace in my heart and in my life now. "I would be calm and secure" becomes I am at peace and I am completely relaxed in letting my Divine prosperity flow. I am grateful to be calm, confident, and secure now. "I would give tons of money to charity and support causes" becomes I am so incredibly grateful to be able to support my favorite charities now. I was able to give freely over the last year and I feel like I'm making a profound difference in the lives of others. When you become the vibrational equivalent to what you want, as if you already have it, what you desire will materialize. Take your imagination on a joy ride using the magic words of, "What If!"

Written & Copyrighted by ©Anisa Aven
Receive Anisa's FREE Conscious Creation 101: a 5-part e-course on the basics of Manifesting when you register for the Creative Manifesting ezine. Read more about manifesting and conscious creation by visiting Creative Manifesting and Manifesting Prosperity

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