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Law of Attraction MP3 files, Meditations, Motivational Speeches and Interviews

This page will feature some of the best audio/mp3 files that I have found on the Law of Attraction, special meditations, hypnosis, and motivational speeches. You will also see the the link to the author's web page so that you can find out more about them.

You may listen here by clicking the play button or you can download these to your computer by "right clicking" on the title and select the "save target as."


1. The Art of Money Getting
Audio of the book by P.T. Barnum. 75 mins. This audio comes from Jody Sachse at Harmonic Ascension.com


2. Surrender
Meditation for Empowerment by Anita Pathik Law. 13 mins. Anita's website is Power of Our Way

3. Quiet Mind Meditation
by Jafree. 12 mins. Jafree's website is Enlightened Beings.com

4. Conscious Creation
By Laura West. 12 mins. Laura is a Master Certified Hypnotherapist and owner of Hypnosis Maryland Training School. Her site is HypnosisMaryland.com

5. Financial Freedom
by Edward Mills. 16 mins. Visit Ed's website at Evolving Times.com

6. Divinity Movie
by Anita Pathik Law. 7 mins. Power of Our Way


7. Surrender to the Now
30 mins by Zencast.org

8. The Secret of the Secret
How to use the Secret by Sandy Forester. 61 mins. Here's her website WildlyWealthy.com

9. Making and Keeping Resolutions
Anita & Laura West. 88 mins. Anita's website is Power of Our Way and Laura's site is HypnosisMaryland.com

10. Jessica LaRock interviews James Arthur Ray
63 mins. Visit Jessica's siteUniverse of Power.com

11. Producer Revolution Radio interview with James Ray. 41 mins. Visit James website at James Ray.com

Motivational Speeches

12. Purpose, Vision, and Goals
by Bob Proctor. 32 mins

13. Decision
by Bob Proctor. 31 mins. His site is Bob Proctor.com


14. Instant Manifestation
by Leslie Fieger. 55 mins. Leslie Fieger.com



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