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Law of Attraction, Near Death Experience and other Inspiring Videos


Law of Attraction, The Secret, and other uplifting videos
will be featured here

I've been collecting some links for great videos that cover the Law of Attraction from many perspectives. I also have a video listed about my husband telling of his near death experience. Some of these are posted on YouTube, some on Yahoo video, and some are on Google video, and others are posted here on my site. These are all FREE. Please enjoy.

1. The Secret. This is the first 20 minutes of the movie.

Interviews related to The Secret:

2. Larry King Live Larry King interviews several of the "teachers" in the movie, The Secret.
3. Oprah Show Feb 10, 2007 Oprah interviews Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith, and James Ray and tells us how she lives her life with the principles of The Secret.
4. Oprah Show Feb 16, 2007 Oprah interviews James Ray and Michael Beckwith from The Secret"
5. 100 quotes from "The Secret" These are the key prinicples of the movie.
6. A tool to visualize your dreamsThis can be very inspirational if you also get into the "feeling" while watching it.
7. Bob Proctor's Summary Bob is one of my favorites in the movie.
8. Bob Proctor and John Assaraf on Ellen
9. The story behind The Secret An interview with Rhonda Byrne. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for this hour long interview)

Some more great movies:

10. What the Bleep

Other inspiring videos

11. My Near Death Experience and Awakening This is a true story as told by my husband, Rich Kelley.
12. Conversations With God flash movie This is awesome. Great wisdom here.
13. Power of Intention - Part 1 Wayne Dyer. 1 hr and 14 minutes. What an incredible speech.
14. Power of Intention - Part 2 Wayne Dyer. 1 hr and 1 minute.
15. Sense of Purpose Wayne Dyer. 10 minutes.
16. Unity of Spirit and Matter Consciousness and its relationship to the material world.
17. Law of Attraction explained Excellent explanation.
18. 212 The Extra Degree Movie Very inspiring short movie.
19. To Love a Child is spelled T-I-M-E
20. The Divinity Movie One of my favorites. About 7 minutes.
21. Path to Peace 7 minutes.
22. Believe It and Be Free
23. SunriseBrent Law. About 5 minutes.
24. Realize About 4 minutes. This shot video reminds us how precious time is.
25. May You Be Blessed About 4 minutes. Iinspiring words backed by beautiful images and relaxing music.


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